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$ 7,000.00 Needed Donation

11/7/ 2016 to 10/9/2016

We set up Al Sindibad library in the heart of Harat Al Tanak- a vulnerable community in Mina. It is an informal learning environment for children of the community to socialise and receive educational support. We taught classes in english, arabic, french, science, maths, and behaviour as well as providing fun activities. The project ran through the summer and so prepared the students for returning to formal education in October. There is a particular need for this in public schools since children aren’t always given the support they require and if they fail exams at the end of the year, they aren’t able to move up a grade. It is because of this, combined with poor socio-economic conditions, that only 2% of children will complete school in the area. Our projects hopes to change this!