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Nazih Fino

My horoscope sign is Aries, it presents energy, optimism and leadership which is what I am all about. Limitation is what I hate the most since it kills people’s passion. I started teaching some courses during 2010 but I quit at the end of the semester since I believe that learning shouldn’t be limited to certain books or programs; I believe that everything around us give us experience which is necessary for learning. I have discovered that the key to success is to break limitation and this is what I have been doing recently. I have been engaged in social work since 2012 and I have big passion to make a change, I believe in youth and in my city’s potential. I dream of opening a nontraditional school and to make it a models teaching with Art and technology. I organize TEDx event in my city Tripoli, I am a member of Global shapers network and I believe in team work.

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