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Psychosocial Support Project Report

The Psychosocial Support (PSS) project was a new initiative for SEED. In conjunction with War Child Holland, SEED carried out a 4-month Psychosocial Support pilot project. War Child Holland provided training support, field support, and funding for the project. The PSS project had the overall objective of providing psychosocial services to vulnerable Lebanese and Syrian families in the areas of Al Mina (Al Hay Tank) and Nejmeh, Tripoli. The services included working with children, youth, and parents in several programs. The programs included Positive Parenting, Structured Recreational Activities (SRA), Peace Deal sessions, and Awareness Sessions. These programs were implemented to help provide appropriate information to communities on where to seek help and access support if needed. Furthermore, the programs were available to provide knowledge and support to local children and youth for learning positive and safe ways of engaging with peers, caregivers, and their community.
SEED had a total of four facilitators, four volunteers and one project coordinator working on the PSS project. Before beginning any services the facilitators and volunteers were briefed in child protection issues and requirements. Also, they were required to attend training for each specific program they would be implementing with the children and parents.
Beneficiaries included: 180 children ages 4-9 for SRA sessions, 780 children ages 4-18 for Awareness Sessions for children, 140 caregivers for Positive Parenting, 540 caregivers for Awareness Sessions for caregivers, and 20 youth ages 14-18 for Peace Deal activities.
Feel free to read the entire PSS Project report prepared by our project coordinator and teacher, Heather Payne.

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