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ECE Meetings at SEED National

SEED, in conjunction with our partners, conducted an Early Childhood Education (ECE) meeting with the teachers and asssitants. The meeting was about supporting teachers, emphasizing quality education, and class management.
First, the teachers, and assistants spoke about what challenges they face in class. Some of those challenges include: winter problems, electricity difficulties, and bathroom issues.
Based on what was discussed in the meeting, some of the reminders came up for the teachers are:
  • Teachers should not raise their voice at the students. Instead they should speak gently with them.
  • Teachers should have boundaries and not show too much affection for one child over the other. Boundaries are important because it teaches children to respect everyone’s spaces, and to help them stay protected.
  • Teachers cannot show discrimination. Instead they have to treat the children equally.
  • Teachers should address a routine in class, so the children can get used to an education system.
  • Children (and especially those who live nearby the center) may prefer to go to their house to use the restroom because some of them find it uncomfortable to use public restrooms.
Lastly, our teachers will receive peer-to-peer observation on a weekly basis, and they will have ECE meetings once or twice per month.

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